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Service Area:

St George | Mesquite | Cedar City

And all of Washing County


Pricing & Policy


  • The Hourly Rate currently is $40/hour/professional. You can ask to confirm when you call to discuss the appointment.

  • The number of cleaning hours will be based on: number of rooms, baths, size of house and special requests.

  • FYI: 1500 sq ft. takes about 3 hours (estimated price would be $120)


  • Call 435-703-3252 for quote and discuss your specific needs.

Referral Program:

We love referrals! For every person you refer that mentions your name and completes a service with us, you’ll receive 10% off your next booking.

Cancellation Policy:

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If we receive less than 24 hours notice, or can’t access your home, it will be necessary to charge you a 50% fee.

Non-Solicitation Policy:

If you would like to hire a past or present Lily Maid Cleaner for your home cleaning service outside of your agreement with Lily Maid Cleaning, our referral fee is $2,000.00* This fee is due within 15 days of notification from Lily Maid Cleaning. If this fee is not paid, Lily Maid Cleaning reserves the right to pursue other means of collection. 

* We spend many hours a year interviewing and training Lily Maid Cleaners